Acupuncture and Sleep

People ask me frequently if acupuncture can help with their sleeping issues and insomnia. I always respond with some hesitation. It’s not because I am unsure that the acupuncture will help, but because it seems as though people have a hard time believing it will. It is completely understandable why people would be having a hard time believe it. I mean how could poking someone with needles improve their sleep!?

Well, as a Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist who has been practicing for sometime now, the effects of acupuncture on sleeping patterns still manages to astonish me. For example, I had a 44 year old patient come in a few weeks ago with the main complaint of insomnia. She explained that ever since her mid twenties she has not been able to sleep well, and the issue progressively has gotten worse. She has been referring to red wine and sleep medication when the issue gets intolerable, but explained that she was tired of living that kind of lifestyle.

That day we began her treatment, twice a week with acupuncture and an herbal formula. Obviously, because she had been suffering with lack of sleep for quite some time, the acupuncture took a few treatments before she began to see a difference. I gave her a ball park of six to eight treatments to begin seeing a shift. Amazingly, it only took three full treatments and she was already beginning to sleep through the night. Of course the acupuncture treatment went on a few more sessions in order to get a solid result. This patient is one of the many positive experiences I have had for treating sleeping disorders through my acupuncture practice.