Explore Acupuncture to Reduce Facial Paralysis

A colleague of mine called, asking a favor: would I consult on his patient who suffered from allergies with congestion, watery eyes, and red and itchy skin? As soon as I entered the room, I noticed paralysis of left side on her face. Her left eye was almost closed, there was no expression on left side even that she was smiling, her corner of lip was asymmetric to right side and her fascia on the neck was much bigger on the left side. I asked, “What has happened to your face?” She said, “It is an old injury from a stroke. My ear is always ringing and the fascia on left side of my neck is enlarged.” My evaluation confirmed my suspicion of facial paralysis. She could not close her left eye and deviation of the mouth was severe. She further explained that she has tears when she eats and does not have any feelings in the right side of her face.

I asked if I could treat her paralysis along with her allergy treatments. She told me yes, but I don’t expect any results because I have tried everything under the sun (including acupuncture) for the last 13 years.

I started an interview and exam, while she was talking about her problems and impact of the facial paralysis on her life, especially social life. (She had the stroke at age of 28). I explained what I was going to do including details about acupuncture, meridians, and qi. She lay on the table and listened to my monolog about acupuncture without any questions.